Adderall xr for ocd

Adderall xr for ocd
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Difference between snorting and swallowing mdma
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postat de farirascint in 2011-12-14 23:23

Yes you can but its pretty pointless, may as well just swallow it.

Best Answer: Mdma is the drug that's technically called ecstasy. It causes your brain to release large amounts of serotonin, a hormone that naturally occurs in your .

E for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders -- Appendices. Bibliography by Alexander Shulgin. Published by Nicholas Saunders, 14 Neal's Yard, London, WC2H 9DP, UK.

DRUG-FORUMS > Ecstasy & MDMA . i would like to no what difference there Difference between snorting and swallowing mdma is to eatin a pill? i imagine it wouldn't be . Fater onset, you get to your peak faster .

Ask Erowid Question and Answer: What's the difference between oxycodone in percocet v.s. oxycontin?

The only drug i snort is ket, however afew people i know snort basicly everything. They say it gives them much stronger affects. Is this actully the case, i know with .

Best Answer: Yes you can but its pretty pointless, may as well just swallow it. . MDMA can be snorted and it makes the effect begin and end quicker. . It just .

It depends what your looking for, chewing it does

Difference between snorting and swallowing mdma

make the peak more intsense but also makes the effect wear off a lot quicker. Personally I think that you should .

So i have 1 gram of "pure" MDMA powder before it get's pressed into pills, and i was wondering how much i should snort? I have an extremely low tolerance (2 pills and .

Thread: JWH-018 (60mg) - New Experience - Accidental Snorting and "Mini Mephedrone Report"

Best Answer: marijuana is amazing, the rest are very dangerous for you. . By the way I'm not advocating any of these: Weed and pot are different forms of majuarana .

If this has been discussed, please direct me to the source and lock this thread. I am a veteran of both clean MDMA and dirty street pills. Naturally, even with .

Best Answer: I think you'll find it difficult to let dissolve on your tongue, the bitter taste is almost unbearable. Snorting anything is a bad idea. I'm Difference between snorting and swallowing mdma assuming you .

Drugs Question: Have A Ecstacy Pill Do You Swallow It Or Snort It? If it's your first time chew it and wash it down with water If you've done it quite a few times .

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